How to Celebrate the Death of Your Debt

How to Celebrate the Death of Your Debt

Wealth Building Challenge

Ay Virgencita, has this been a long year. But October means this year is finally starting to wind down… Unless something weird happens like 2021 brings us aliens. ¡Santo Cristo!. But, um, relax, cause’ that’s impossible, right?. But really, the scariest part is we may not be able to celebrate Halloween and Día de los Muertos as much as we want to. 2020 has been like an extended Director’s Cut version of all the movies you don’t want to see when you’re home alone. But Financial Fam, we have your back. Your relationship with money does not have to be scary. Suma has created a fun challenge to make your financial future a little less scary. Ahora is the perfect time to answer a couple of  BIG questions: What kind of life do you really really want? What part does money play in your dream present and future? Are you ready to have more dinero and less stress? Great! Let’s start planning what to do with your money in 2021. No more dreams, let’s build a wealthy reality, desde YA! 


Every day brings opportunities to change for the better. Why not your financial future? You just have to make the right choices (meaning: acepta este challenge, baby!). A wise billionaire once said, “It can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare.” That billionaire was Beyoncé.  This 30-day wealth building challenge is a fun way to take little steps each day to battle the scariest monster of all…FEAR. No te apures. We’ve created 30 simple steps to get you on the path to healthier money management So this time next year you could be dressed as a Jef@ for Halloween. There’s no tricks here…only treats. ¡Aprovecha!


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Day 1: Be more Intentional with your Money

The hustle…like the struggle is real. But if you’re go-go-going you’re not making conscious financial decisions. If you’re feeling “Muy muy..excited” like J Lo in Selena or scared for your life like J Lo in Anaconda, maybe that’s not the time to be spending money. Slow down and take a breath. Patience, mij@! Spending as a reaction can mean you spend more. If you’re doing 50 things to save money but spending without thinking you’re stressed, unsatisfied, and broke. Por ejemplo, let’s say your tire blows out. If you don’t take that extra 20 minutes to check the prices around town you could end up blowing your whole savings. Now, not only are you out of cash you’re stressed about money. Meanwhile, the 20% you might have saved going to different mechanic would mean you would have a few bucks…and your sanity. 


If you’re not looking at where your money is going, you could be doing as much harm as good.  If you’re constantly spending your lana because you forgot to pack lunch or plan for dinner, maybe you’re running around too much. Are you not focused on you? If you don’t have the time to compare prices maybe you are treating stressful moments like major emergencies. Take off the Speedy Gonzales costume. Focus on being more intentional with your money. What do you want? What do you need… and WHY? Think about your financial goals. Your relationship with your money should be like a family member. You love them and you respect them. But you don’t let them rule your life. Sorry Mamí, I gotta do me. 


Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Take a beat before you spend. Today, take 5-10 seconds before and after you spend money. Think about what that money means. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t judge. And don’t look como un loc@ in the store. Just spend one day thinking about how you feel about spending money, buying things, and your finances. This will help you get in the habit of spending more intentionally. 

Day 2: Organize Your Bills & Files

Remember the way your Mamá would wake you up with loud music so you knew to mop the floor y limpiar los baños? “¡Oye, viene visita!” Now’s the time to clean up for your money. You have to organize to make space for wealth in your life. It’s a lot easier to manage your money if you know where everything is. Do you know the due dates of all your bills? Do you know where your last bank statement is? Your social security card? Pero, what is your novi@ doing with your credit card? C’mon! Organizing your bills can help bring the chill to your money stress. It’s also a good way to keep away la locura. Money can be a stressor but only if you let it. Make it as easy as you can. The better you manage your money the more the ancestors will hook you up with more blessings. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Find a system to organize your bills and paperwork. You can use fun folders or make everything digital. Find a way that works for you. Start by having it all in one safe place so you know where you need to go when you need something. Organízate! 

Day 3: Set Up a Payment Schedule for Bills

You can’t pay your bills on Latino time. There’s no time for siestas with money! A payment schedule takes a lot of the stress out of paying your bills. If you organize all your due dates and create a schedule, sending out payments can be on autopilot. You also might get some benefits from setting some bills to autopay. Try not to think of it as you losing money. You are taking care of business. The more you take care of business the more money you get. It’s as simple as that. Late payments are a waste of money. And too many late payments can negatively affect your credit, your mood, and even your health. Remember that ugly guy, Señor Stress?. Your mom, abuela and tias don’t need recipes when they cook. Soon, you won’t need the list to know when to make your payments. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Make a list of all of your bill due dates. Pick a day a few days, or even a week, before they are due. This makes sure your payment gets sent out or put through on time. This will give you a nice cushion and less stress. 

Day 4: Set up a System to Track your Spending

It’s called cash flow. If you are spending left and right you might not see where that cash is flowing to. Tracking your spending is important. Por ejemplo, did you know if you buy a coffee before work every day, at $5, that’s $25/per week and $100/per month. In 2 months, you could have bought your own espresso machine. Tracking your spending helps you look at where your money is going. You can manually track your spending using a spreadsheet or you can go old school with a notebook. Like a food diary but for money. But there are also helpful apps and computer programs that can help organize it for you. With some of those apps, you can also look at what you charge, too.  Nerd Wallet, Mint, YNAB, EveryDollar, PocketGuard, Clarity Money, and Goodbudget are all helpful apps. You can also use Quickbooks for managing your family’s finances and Quicken if you have a business. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Look through those apps and programs and see what might be a fit for you.  Si no, simply just start writing down what you spend your money on. This will give you an idea of the categories in your life and what your spending habits are. 

Day 5: Set up Survival Savings

Sh-tuff happens. Whether it’s for the zombie apocalypse or your day-to-day expenses, it’s good to have some money saved for your survival. You always have money for an emergency. You may need to go to the doctor. Or your car could break down. You need food to live. Things happen all the time that are out of your control. A good step is to get a survival savings account. Now since we have 30 days, let’s start off small and simple. What do you make in 3 months? Congratulations, that’s your first financial goal. It’s good to save up 3 months of income to cover you if you ever lose your job. Now calmate mij@, that number will not happen overnight. But knowing your goals will help you know where you want your money to go. Plus, if you’re skipping Starbucks or that trip to la Ross, you know it’s because you are trying to hit that survival savings goal. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Write down what three months of income looks like. Use the Suma Savings Goal Calculator to see how long it might take you to get there. 

Day 6: Figure Out if You’re Wasting Money

Beware el Chupalana! El Chupalana is hiding in your wallet! Are you feeding him your hard earned cash without knowing it? Do you need Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus if you have to work 3 jobs to afford them all?  Now that your bills are organized let’s take a deep dive into your spending. What can you cancel? Did you cancel your gym membership before Covid quarantine started?  Are there memberships, subscriptions, or automatic charges you are not using? Is date night adding up each month? Is your phone bill just too damn high? Today is a great day to look at what you can eliminate from your spending.  Split up the services with your primos…we all have access to that one tias account. Also, call your bill companies and see if they will renegotiate. Channel that Karen energy and renegotiate. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

#DinerOctober Look through your bank statements and see if there are any regular purchases or subscriptions you can cut out or cancel. Try and think of it less at what you are losing but all the money you are getting back! You got this! 

Day 7: Murder Some Financial Habits

Now you get to live your Jason, Freddy Krueger, Salma Hayek in From Dusk till Dawn fantasy and kill, kill, kill. Rather than kill yourself working so hard, murder the financial habits sucking your wallet dry. Do you spend when you’re anxious? Do you go to the supermarket hungry? Are you a compulsive gambler? Take some time today to really look at how you are spending and how it makes you feel. And then commit bloody murder on those bad habits. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Take the day to look at some of your bad habits and give them the axe. If you know the problem then you can defeat it. #DinerOctober 

Day 8: Create a Bare Bones Budget

You shouldn’t have to work, starve yourself, and go without until you’re just skin and bones like a skeleton. Smart spending and saving can make one dollar feel like 10 dollars. Or even turn one dollar into 10 dollars. Think about what you really need. What do you realistically need to live on for 3 months? It might be more than you are making. That’s okay! Today is the day to get a picture of what you need, pero sin mentiras, please. Unlike the survival savings which you started last week this is a bit more realistic. This starts to incorporate the things that you spend money on. Besides income you need to cover the things that pop up.  Doctor bills, a cracked phone screen, or a night out with friends shouldn’t make you feel like Maria la del Barrio. This is a little bit more than your survival savings. You will take a closer look at some of the categories that you made in your savings/tracking app in Day 4. Look at your spending. 

I know you’re thinking, “Oye! I just made my savings goal!” The thing about goals and budgets is they have to go with the flow. As long as money is flowing there can be money flowing in. Don’t worry. This new number may not be what you are making right now. But it’s helpful to know what you really need to live on. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Look at your survival savings number. Create categories for your spending based on your app/finance tracking. Look at what’s the lowest amount you can live comfortably on. This isn’t how you have to live forever. But this is a picture of the amount of money you need to pay all your bills, eat, and save a couple of centavos. Check out this new number using the Suma Savings Calculator (it’s free!)

Day 9: Check Your Credit Score

The economy…you’ve got to be in it to win it. Based on your debt and lines of credit you get a credit score. Your credit score is kind of like your reputation. You know how no one lets Cousin Junior borrow their car? Well he has “bad credit.” You know when your abuela comes over she brings food so you’re always happy to have her over? She has “good credit.” Your credit score can affect your interest rates, how much banks and credit card companies will let you borrow and can be what keeps you from getting a new home. Now, if you have not checked your credit score you get access to your credit score for free once a year. The credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Check with each one about getting your free credit score. **Warning: Checking your credit multiple times can actually ding your credit score and knock it down. If you have checked your credit score you can skip this step. If you have signed up for a new credit card you may want to wait a little bit so you don’t drop your credit score.**  Credit Karma is a good resource. You can also sign up for free alerts from the credit bureaus.  

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

If you haven’t yet this year, take advantage of your free credit score. Reach out to the credit bureaus and check it out! There are services that offer you a free credit score but they often want to sign you up for other programs so ten cuidado!

Day 10: Write down your Interest Rates

Spending on credit is fast and easy. Until you start paying interest on interest. Interest is like a vampire sucking you dry. Interest grows and grows. Like vampires making more little negative centavos you have to pay back.  If you are paying the minimum on your credit cards it can take years, or even decades, to pay it all back. Pull out all of your credit card bills. On the payment schedule you made on Day 3, add a list of all of your APRs. This is the Annual Percentage Rate. Essentially this is the percentage of interest you are charged per year. So you pay a small percentage of that interest each month. But you keep picking up more interest. Until you pay off the credit card bill in full, you pay interest on what you charged including all the interest that has built up.

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Add your APRs to your bill payment schedule. Use the free SUMA Credit Card Debt Calculator to calculate what sized payments can help you pay off each credit card. You don’t need to start this right away. But it can give you a clearer picture and help you switch up some of your savings and spending goals. Then you can go all Walking Dead on your credit card debt. 

Day 11: Calculate Your Net Worth

Your net worth is a good understanding of your financial picture. It’s a balance sheet of what you own vs. what you owe. And that’s lo que tienes! You make a list of all of the big ticket items you own. Do you have jewelry, a business, a car, or own your home? Then compare that against your debts. Do you have credit card debt, student loans, or do you owe Fulana de tal $40 bucks. Now, you may not start with Kylie’s net worth. But you are building your wealth and we all have to start somewhere. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Create a sheet to find your net worth. Subtract what you owe from what you own. If you have credit card debt or car payments your net worth could be in the negative. But don’t worry. That’s totally okay. This is a starting off point. Our family’s started from nothing and look at us now. We got this! Plus, later in the month we have some money making tips. 

Day 12: Change Your Bank Account Passwords

You’ve learned from like every horror movie you can never be too careful with bad guys. There are zombies, ghosts, and serial killers attacking your money, too. They’re lurking online. You never know who may find their way into your bank account. Create hard to guess passwords to secure your accounts. We’re talking full-on security. Lock that cash down, love. Your money is valuable. Keep it safe. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Change your passwords on your credit cards, bank accounts, and anywhere that might have access to your money. This will help you protect all your accounts, mij@! Do it like ahorita!. 

Day 13: Set Up Alerts

The best defense is a great offense. Now that you have a shiny new password on your account. Look at some of your accounts. They might have really helpful options for your saving and security. You can set up fraud alerts or alerts of new charges. You can sign up for alerts on your debit card so you can get an annoying email to remind you you just spent money. You can sign up for alerts whenever someone uses your credit card to make sure Cousin Junior didn’t get a peek at your Visa. You can even sign up for a credit freeze with the credit bureaus. This means no one can sign up for a credit card, loan, or anything in your name without the institution contacting you first. It’s worth checking out. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

#DinerOctober Take a deep dive into your accounts. Look at what alert options you want to try for the month. See if there are settings that can make your life easier. 

Day 14: Start Tracking Expenses & Receipts Para Los Taxes

It’s the end of the second week. Let’s take the organization to a new level. Are you selling elotes on the side, driving Uber, etc? If you are making cash as a freelancer, independent contractor, or gig employee listen up. If you are not getting taxes taken out of your check, you may, and probably will, have to pay that money next year. If you owe a lot on your taxes each year, it may be time to look into making more tax deductions. Tax deductions make the number you are taxed on lower. So you have to pay a percentage of a smaller number rather than everything you made. You can deduct for charitable donations, business expenses, and depending on what you do, even some things you buy. 

Do you travel for work? Work from home? There are quite a few options out there. Do a little research into what you can write off on your taxes. The benefit? This is money you don’t get taxed on. The thing is you need proof. So you will need receipts and an organized file system if the scariest monster of all, The IRS shows up. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Start researching what you can write off on your taxes. See if you can afford an accountant who may help you with your taxes and deductions. You can also do your taxes on your own with free tools from the IRS. Pssst… you didn’t hear it from us but Comedian Hasan Minaj created to show all the super secret free tools that let you do your taxes for free. Also, if you make under $69k there are services you can use for free right on the IRS website.

Day 15: Expand your Budget

Congrats! It’s week three. Now that you’ve done all this great financial work, let’s look at your budget. Now, we can see what we can add back. But let’s not go loco. Do you need that Starbucks once a week for hump day to not go HAM on your boss? Do you need to go out to eat once or you want to murder your roommate, mamá,etc. Now is the time to add some things back into your budget. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Look at what are some of the special things you need for your mental health and self care.But be realistic we’re not talking designer shoes or sushi everyday. 

Day 16: Look for Money Lurking Around

Today let’s go on a treasure hunt. Do you have money under the couch? Does Cousin Junior owe you $50 bucks? Start looking for money that might be hiding in your house.  Do you have any old bank accounts? Did you get any old checks for your birthday?  Do you have an HSA, FSA, or 401k through work? An HSA is a health savings account. An FSA is a flexible savings account. And a 401k is a retirement account. These are accounts that your place of work may offer to help you save tax-free money for things like health care expenses or savings for retirement.  There can be money anywhere. If you have an HSA or FSA, that means there’s money you can be using to buy things at CVS. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Look for money hasta abajo del colchón! If you have any accounts you forgot about, look at those balances and add those to your net worth calculation. 

Day 17: Find a Better Bank Account

Remember your APR? Why is your APR higher than the interest rate? The patriarchy. Large banks like Wells Fargo or Bank of America know you need them more than they need you. They offer really low interest rates. They can porque…there’s competition. But there are some banks that offer better interest rates to get you to join them. Online banking institutions, like Capital One 360, and local credit unions offer higher interest rates. They’re a bit smaller and may not have as many bells and whistles. But they can make it so your money is making you money rather than making you cents. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Look for a bank that might offer a better interest rate on your savings account. There may not be a ton in there now but when you do have a lot of money in there you want it to be earning you más

Day 18: Budget Your Time

Time is money. So you have to manage and budget your time, también. Look at where you are wasting time just like you were wasting money. You may not have known. But Chupacabra and Chupalana have a cousin, Gastatiempo. Look at the people, activities, and things you are doing that drain your time and your energy. You can’t be making that red bottom money if you are hanging with people dragging you down.  

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Look at the things wasting your time. You may be stuck financially because you don’t have the energy or the time to think of better solutions. So start trimming the fat of the things that waste your time each day, week, month and year. 

Day 19: Find Financial Support

You’ve been killing it these past two weeks. But, sometimes, you get by with a little help from your friends (the good ones, ok?). Recruit some of your friends or family to join you on this journey. Grab a group of friends and challenge them to a savings game. See who can save the most in a week or month. Help these lessons stick by teaching it to your family and friends. Create Accountability amiguis who can help keep you from that impulse buy. You know that friend who will always tell you, “Don’t buy that.” Start calling them more. Your financial friends can help make it a lot easier and a lot more fun. Maybe you can schedule a movie night where you start organizing your bills via Zoom!

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Hit up some of your friends or family to see who wants to help you with your savings goals. This can be a great way to stay committed. Plus, as you show them all you’ve done this month you will reinforce what you’ve learned and been working on. You can also check out Our Instagram @WeAreSuma and the hashtag #DinerOctober for more tips and to make financial friends. 

Day 20: Establish A Debt Plan

If you pay the minimum on your credit cards they will be paid off… in 35 years! Look back at your bill payment schedule. Use the Suma Credit Card Calculator to make a plan for paying off your bills. Look at each of your cards. Which card can you pay off first? What payments fit with your budget? The faster you pay off this debt the more you can focus on making even more money. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Play around with the Suma Credit Card Calculator and create a payment schedule that works with your budget and lets you save. It can be the card with the highest APR or the card with the smallest balance. Remember, you’ve got this. Money is always flowing. We just want it to stop flowing to interest and more flowing into your pocket. 

Day 21: Prioritize Your Survival Savings

It’s the end of week three. Now that you have found a savings account that gives you more interest and you have a better look at your debt, let’s prioritize adding more money to your survival savings. This is priority one. You may have to just pay the minimum on your cards for a little bit. But you want to make sure you are on track to hit your goal of having survival savings. That gives peace of mind and that’s the most valuable. Once you know you’re safe for three months you know you don’t have to worry so much about money. That can also help you make you feel like a boss instead of broke as a joke. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

#DinerOctober Look at the budget you’ve been putting together. Make saving for your survival savings priority one. 

Day 22: Turn Savings into a Game to Stash More Money

It can be easy to say “treat yourself.” But you can’t when all those bill collectors are chasing you like Buffy in a cemetery or Sabrina in Hell. But if you turn saving and making money into a game it can actually be really fun. You can start being creative in the kitchen making bomb meals instead of eating out. You can start finding creative ways to make your dollars stretch like thrift store shopping. Instead of talking about dating and TV with your financial friends you can start thinking of ways to save and maybe even a few money-making ideas. When you start seeing that bank balance grow you’ll start to feel that orgullo. That pride that you are doing what’s right for you.  

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Think of fun ways to start saving. Maybe instead of the gym, your cardio is going to three grocery stores getting the best deals. Maybe you start cooking with something that was on sale… Start cooking y punto! Maybe you start a saving contest with your family. Find the fun in finances. 

Day 23: Be Mindful with Money

Americans spend, spend, spend. Consume consume consume, like zombies. Latin@s spend the most and save the least!  Pero like…you were raised better. You have discipline and self control. It’s been three weeks of little steps here and there. But how can you be mindful about where your money goes? Maybe you wait a day before you buy something. Maybe when you’re in the store and you see something you like you check in to see how you feel before you buy it. Retail therapy can help sometimes but it doesn’t fix the problem. It makes you feel better for a little bit but makes the problem worse. Then you end up with a bunch of stuff in your house.  Think about where you will put things before you buy them. Think about the house you want to live in. Dream a little bigger. We’re only as limited as our goals. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Start thinking about what you want. The sky is the limit!  But also start to think of a few ways you can check in with yourself before you spend in real life. Háblate, chic@! Like in front of a mirror and be real. Bigger financial goals can mean you spend a lot less on random things. 

Day 24: Lock Down Your Spending

STOP SPENDING, LOCOS! Jk But just like Disneyland passes or coupons have black out dates, take a day off from spending. See if you can avoid using money for one day. It may not make you the most popular but think of the things you want. That you really really want. Do you want to own your own home? Buy a new car? Take a class? The money you don’t spend on these blackout days can be the money to help you take over the world. You got this. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Schedule a day where you don’t spend a dime. Make your food ahead of time. Plan what you need to get to work. And see how it feels to not spend a cent. #DinerOctober

Day 25: Find a Side Hustle

We are hustlers. There’s probably a couple of quick little ways you can make a little extra cash. This can turn some negative numbers in your budget into positive ones. Instead of doing it to survive, do it to thrive. You’ve gotta be like Cardi B and make those money moves. Try and find more ways of making money. This means you are less reliant on just one job and focused more on your livelihood. JOB stands for Just Over Broke. What are your goals for your career? For your future? 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Start thinking of ways you can make money on the side. Check out Side Hustle School for a podcast and great resources. This site has ideas and strategies to turn things you do for fun or quick cash into a stable source of money. 

Day 26: Consider Investing

You need to spend money to make money. Investing is the key to making J Lo money. This can be investing time in building your career, buying stocks and bonds, or even investing in your cousin’s business. Find a way to put some money towards making some passive income. Passive income is money that comes to you. Someone who rents out an apartment or room in their house is making passive income. They don’t have to work for that. People who make investments will often get a check once or four times a year based on how much money that stock made. Getting money while doing nothing is pretty sweet. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Look at your budget and see if you can start investing. It can be as low as five dollars. You can try an app like Acorns that lets you invest spare change. 

Day 27: Schedule a Check-in With your Money Amigos

We’re in the final stretch. Make some time to check in with your money pals about their progress. How is everyone doing? Talk about what you need help with. Talk about how much fun you’re having. Or start complaining. These are your financial fam. Check in on what’s working and not working. It’s good to run things by other people to get a fresh perspective. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Schedule a call, chat, or text chain to check in with your money pals. Not only will it help you see how far you’ve come and get support but it will also give you a fresh burst of energy. You can also check out Our Instagram @WeAreSuma and the hashtag #DinerOctober.

Day 28: Set up/Establish/Check-In on Retirement

401Que? Do you know IRA? A 401k and Roth-IRA are saving accounts for when you retire. When you’re old and gray you don’t want to be worrying about going to work. It’s never too early or too late to start saving for retirement. This is a great way to cut down on your taxes because some savings for retirement are tax deductible. Look into what accounts may be available at work. Check to see how much you need to start a retirement savings account (IRA). Even if it’s just you putting aside a dollar a month for retirement it’s a start. If you’re young, it doesn’t have to be much because you won’t use the money until your 60. But think about how much interest a dollar would get 60 years from now. If your company has a matching plan, that is like free money!  Take advantage of this if you can.

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Start thinking about retirement savings. Look at what options are available at work and investigate 401k, Roth-IRA and the costs you need to open those accounts. You can add these to your budget. 

Day 29: Create a 1-Year Financial Plan

Where do you want to be financially in the future? Do you want to be debt free? Own a home? Do you want to be living in a lap of luxury? Take a look at all of the numbers you’ve been working on this month. Do you want or need a new job that pays more? Do you need to find an apartment that’s more in your budget? Think about what would make your life better and happier. With all the amazing work you’ve done you are in a great position to make 2021 a much better year for your finances so aprovéchalo! 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Now that you’ve made financial goals each week this month. Think bigger. What are your savings goals? What are major life changes you want to make? Dream big and make a plan for 2021. 

Day 30: Treat Yourself

You did it! You’ve spent all month being good. You’ve saved, set goals, and changed the way you look at money. Take a break from stressing. Now you’ve set up some good habits and systems to get your money game on point. It’s the day before Halloween. Treat yourself to something sweet! You’ve earned it. 

Today’s Wealth Building Challenge

Take the day to look at how far you’ve come this month. Share your status on our IG @WeAreSuma

Day 31: Celebrate

Start preparing your ofrenda for your ancestors. As Día de los Muertos approaches in a couple more days… Get ready to light up some candles in their memory. They will be so proud of the new financially savvy you when they come down to visit on their special night.  You killed it, salud to you and to your beloved ancestors memory.


Stay Tuned to Suma for more great tips, tricks, and strategies to help you on your path to wealth. 




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