Are You Ready to Buy Your First Casita?

Time to open the door and unlock the benefits of homeownership! Not sure where to begin? Let SUMA & REALTORS® help you get your chancla in the door and step into your new home. Grab your cafecito and tune in to our three-part article & video series as if it were the finale of your favorite telenovela. Learn tips and knowledge from El Homebuyer’s Playbook to assist you on the purchase of your first home.

Start your home buying journey: First Things First (Part 1)

First Things First

Part #1

Article + Video 

Includes SUMA’s Home Rent vs Buy Calculator

Home Buying Can Be A Carnaval

Part #2

Article + Video 

Includes SUMA’s Ultimate Goal Tracker

Key Key Me Preguntó

Part #3

Article + Video 

Includes the final steps of the home buying process!


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By creating culturally relevant content, virtual experiences, and providing financial tools that demystify and reimagine financial inclusion through entertainment, we aim to become the trusted source for the Latinx community to help them both overcome current financial challenges, and better prepare for a more prosperous future.

Founded by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, financial professionals and socially minded change agents with a track record of successfully building iconic brands for Latinx audiences, SUMA leverages a deep knowledge of what moves this influential demographic.

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