Want Free Financial Advice and $100 in Stocks? Join Us and Let’s Build Wealth Juntos

We all know the power that comes from being bilingual. Not only do you get preferential treatment from the taquero when he hears you ask for the chilito bravo, but we also get first dibs on chisme from las tias. You know what never gets talked about though? The power that comes with being Fin-lingual aka Speaking Dinero.



SUMA Wealth is an online community made for Latinos by Latinos to learn how to save money, build wealth and break down the barriers to your financial wellness. And the best part? It’s free!


Actually, it’s more than free. We’re so sure we can help you build wealth that instead of convincing you to spend money this holiday season, we want to give you the gift of cha-ching.  We offer a chance to win $100 in stocks of the companies you love the most, so you can make money!


Sign up here to get your free preferred stock, wrapped as a holiday gift from us, and start receiving our money-making tips right on your phone. Sign up all of your tios, primos, abuelos and even your vecinos tambien!


Talking about finances may seem intimidating, but it’s time to embrace the big green cucuy. No matter how scary it is, building towards a strong financial future is at the core of what so many of us want in life. Whether it’s buying a house, starting your own business, finding investors for startups, or building a retirement savings plan, having a strong financial foundation is what makes it all a realidad!  


Most importantly, we’re here to tell you that you belong in the money conversation. Now is the time to “ponernos las pilas and start building wealth”. Because the fact is this isn’t just about us – the wealth we build for ourselves today will create opportunities for our families and our children tomorrow.  And we are here to help because we get you. We are you. We are SUMA Wealth.


By joining our online financial community, you will learn about saving money, so you can invest and build wealth. The best part is all of our content is written by Latinos, for Latinos. We offer easy to use online tools that make difficult decisions simple. Tools like Renta or Homeowner break down  living costs in an easy to use, abuelita-proof calculator so you can make an educated decision about what’s best for you. Got credit card debt? Don’t worry, we did too.  Use our Improve your Crédito tool to build a plan and timeline that can get you out of your deudas fast. 


We’re not saying it’s easy. The fact is, building wealth is hard. Especially when so many of us are first or second generation in the US and it’s up to us to figure a lot of this out. And while SUMA Wealth can’t make the work and sacrifices easier (because yes, there will be work and sacrifices), we can make it easier to understand. Because we speak money, but we also speak dinero…. and we have big plans for you. 


So… what are you waiting for?! Sign up now to get SUMA’s free financial advice and for a chance to win stocks from your favorite companies, so this holiday season you can make money instead of spending money. 

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