Unlocking the Financial Advantages of Staying Single

Unlocking the Financial Advantages of Staying Single

Not sure about you, but ¿y el novio? season is HERE.

Nope, I’m not excited about my aunt bugging me about when I’m going to get married or have children. For single peeps like myself, that is a trigger. However, we can chill because there are benefits to being single! These are 3 reasons why:

1. Autonomy and Independence: Yep, I’m single and not ready to mingle, which means you are still independent! You can control your personal and financial life without considering a spouse’s input. This is very liberating because YOU control your financial choices. Just think about your dad and how many times he really loves to give your mamá the credit card for the stores she loves to spend on!

2. Asset Protection: While divorce is not something we love to consider,  it’s always a possibility. If a divorce happens, assets are typically divided between spouses. By remaining unmarried, individuals can maintain control over their own assets, which can be especially beneficial in high-asset situations. That telenovela he said she said scenes are not pretty, so why not avoid them to the max?

3. Student Loan Debt: This one might seem like a curve ball, however, marital status can impact eligibility for certain student loan repayment plans. Remaining single may be an advantage for individuals with significant student loan debt. *Insert* creepy laugh when your prima complains about her student loan payments because she’s married. 

That is not to say that you’re forever love won’t ever appear, the point is that there are some benefits to staying single! The next time you find yourself cornered and questioned about your love status, hit them with the benefits!

If you want to continue expanding your financial knowledge, check out the SUMAversity!

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