3 financial reasons to check out the Flamin’ Hot Movie

3 financial reasons to check out the Flamin' Hot Movie

The June wind smells spicy with the release of the Flamin’ Hot movie on June 9th. This movie is unlike no other telling the powerful story of the Montañez familia who came to shake up the snack industry making it (Hot Cheetos) into a brand that generates billions of dollars yearly!

So here are 3 financial reasons why you should check it out:

1️⃣ To Understand the Power of Entrepreneurship: The Flamin’ Hot movie tells the inspiring true story of a fellow Latino, Richard Montañez, who humbly started as a janitor and created Hot Cheetos with the support of his family. His story reminds us that believing in our instinct to take a chance on that bold move can lead to significant financial success. While also showcasing the importance of identifying opportunities, and believing in your own abilities to create something valuable.

**If you look closely, the Montañez fam had more than one side hustle, points if you catch Judy’s side hustle. 

2️⃣ For Financial Education and Inspiration: The movie serves as a source of financial education and inspiration. It portrays the journey of Richard Montañez, who faced numerous challenges but never gave up! More specifically through his ups and downs he still had to compensate for the knowledge he didn’t have. So if you want to do something, ponte las pilas, grab those books to keep learning. 

3️⃣ To Explore Branding and Marketing Strategies: The success of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos also highlights the significance of branding and marketing in building your future chambita, yep- your business. The movie provides insight into the power of Richard Montañez leaning into his culture to market his product effectively!

Likewise, don’t take your experiences for granted, especially your personal experiences with your community. If we look at the inception of Richard’s idea, it started with the understanding of the Latino community’s affinity for spice! ¡Ojo! 👀 Your fam might just have the recipe to your success. 

Flamin’ Hot is the epitome of Latino entrepreneurship! It’s worth watching and analyzing. There are so many more gems you can catch and even incorporate into your financial journey.

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