3 Financial Reasons Why Messi’s Move to the MLS is Monumental

3 Financial Reasons Why Messi's Move to the MLS is Monumental

The world stopped the moment Leo Messi decided to reject $500 million from Saudi Arabia. Instead, he’s making his way to the land of the free and opportunities, the USA! While many of us are confused as to why someone would someone say “NO” to that amount of money, the USA, or shall we say Inter Miami, the team owned by soccer giant David Beckham, created quite the deal!

In fact, Inter Miami offered Messi: 

  • 🤝A percentage of the profit shares from both Apple and Adidas.
  • ⚽️An option to purchase part of an MLS team. 
  • 💵And as if that wasn’t enough, he also bagged a whopping $54 million per season for 4 years! 💵💵

But still, this does not compare to the $500 million offered by Saudi. However, these are 3 financial reasons why it makes it a good deal:

1️⃣ He can leverage his personal brand: The MLS provided an untraditional deal that would allow Messi to diversify his portfolio. This means he would rely more on his personal street cred. In turn, he’s able to make more profitable deals with los mero meros, a.k.a. the BIG bosses of the industry.

2️⃣ An opportunity for generational wealth: Messi’s decision to leave for the MLS reflects a long-term focus on building wealth for his family. The MLS deal ensures a sustainable income stream beyond his playing career. The combination of profit shares (from Apple and Addidas), team ownership, and a significant salary ($54 million dollars) provides a diversified approach to financial prosperity.

3️⃣ Creating a lasting legacy: This will be one of the most challenging pursuits! Changing the image of the MLS is complex, but if done well, it can create more profitable pathways to partnerships with American companies.

Only time will tell if this was a smart money move! However, what we can all take from Messi who wasn’t driven by the dollar signs.  He thought about his family’s well-being long-term. 

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